Saturday, January 12, 2013

Systems Design Engr Medical Device - Code: JNTC-SR-130111a

Position: Systems Design Engineer Medical Device
Position Code: JNTC-SR-130111a
Location: South Bay Area, CA
Reports To:  Engineering Manager

The Opportunity:
JNTC Careers is seeking a highly experienced and seasoned Systems Design Engineer of Medical Devices, with passion, being analytical with architectural design, development, testing, and maintenance of Radiology Monitors and related hardware. Our client is focused exclusively on highest quality, most reliable medical devices products for medical industry and environments.

Descriptive Responsibilities:
This position will be responsible for the development, design, test and maintenance of Radiology Monitors, a digital flat panel displays to be used for medical purposes. As a member of a team or being independent, must demonstrate skills and competencies of determining failures, performance levels, vendor’s capabilities to support product development and improvements.

Technical Requirements:
  1. Proficient in Orcad schematic capture
  2. Experienced in analog design, power supplies Spice simulation
  3. Experienced in the design of FPGA, CPLD and digital simulation
  4. Strong understanding of PCB layout process
  5. Experienced in design of board production, fabrication and assembly
  6. Expertise in the analysis of equipment failures, conduct tests to identify point of failure and conduct root cause analysis 
  7. Experienced in reviewing vendor capability in support of product development and improvement
  8. Ability of selecting and evaluating electronic parts, components
  9. Experienced in integrated circuitry for high performance medical displays, and other related hardware items used in these applications
  10. Demonstrated familiarity with board and system design
  11. Demonstrated successful implementation of low EMI board layout and component designs
  12. Familiarity with Verilog or VHDL
  13. Demonstrated success using lab test equipment
  14. Experienced with medical design documentation requirements is a plus
 Candidate Qualifications & Competencies:
  • B.S.E.E. required, M.S.E.E preferred
  • 5 years experiences in hardware design
  • Strong interface ability with mechanical engineers
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability of working independently and a team player
  • Capable to travel up to 10% of the time
  • DOE (Depending On Experience)
  • Plus Corporate Basic Benefits
Submitting Your Candidacy:
  • Please submit your resume in word file (.doc) to
  • Please put the following into your subject line: Full Name + Position Code: JNTC-SR-130111a (Systems Design Engr MedDev)
  • All qualifying candidates will be interviewed by telephone for screening purposes. Succeeding steps will follow to those who will become strong candidate for this position. 
  • When your qualification will not match to all of the requirements of this position, your Resume will be put in our active database for future consideration of any employment opportunity. Thank you.

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