Saturday, May 12, 2012

Professionals that can propel your business goals

Are your recruitment efforts effective in finding the right hire? 

Have you reviewed the effectiveness of your staffing strategies?

Do you have the sustainable source of quality individuals who can demonstrate a mindset that is current, insightful, strategic and seasoned? 

We employ a strategic recruitment with a goal of finding the right person to hire. Our relationships with many individuals can be helpful to your current business and staffing needs. We have professionals who are dynamic, recently completed their graduate degrees in various area of expertise. They are ready and available for either consulting role or full time employment role. Each has over 4-5 years of experience in their career prior to their admission to graduate studies. Available to work domestically or internationally (open for relocation or local hire).

If you are looking for fresh talents and innovative minds that can help in advancing your organizational business goals. These individuals have the right competencies.

1. Management consulting
2. Marketing strategies
3. Business development and sales
4. Human resources
5. Accounting and finance

We have conducted the screening process and they are ready to engage in the next stage of hiring. Contact JNTC Careers for other details and discuss your current staffing needs. 

We are your partner,  helping and assisting you in solving your hiring challenges. We can also help you in the areas of Corporate Immigration, Global Mobility, On-boarding Strategies, Leadership Development and creating programs that will ensure sustainability, results and ROI driven.

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