Friday, March 16, 2012

Job: FPGA Engineer Code: JNTC-VV-120313d

Position: FPGA Engineer
Position Code: JNTC-VV-120313d
Location: Silicon Valley, California

The Opportunity:
JNTC Careers is seeking experienced engineering professionals focused in Aerospace Engineering.
Client is an industry leader and manufacturer of high quality video cameras for aerospace/defense, traffic, wafer inspection, and other machine vision applications. The Engineer will work closely with management, senior engineering, and technical staff to ensure designs are verified efficiently with high fault coverage, resulting in high quality camera products designed for testability and manufacturability. The Engineer will also provide technical and project leadership for product development execution.

Descriptive Responsibilities:
Will lead the team and  play the role of Chief Architect for new camera developments. Responsibilities include design, development, testing, and verification of cameras with the following specific duties:

  • Develop Image/Video Processing and Enhancement Algorithms 
  • Digital Circuit and FPGA Design (Image/Video Processing and Enhancement, Memory Controller) in the Xilinx Virtex-4 or Spartan-3 Platform or Altera platforms.
  • Write test requirements, test specifications, validation plans & reports and test procedures to verify that the design meets all requirements.

Technical Requirements:
  • Solid experience in digital and FPGA design 
  • Experienced in designing digital circuits and FPGA necessary to create cutting edge CCD and CMOS camera designs for the industrial camera market. 
  • Strong knowledge of CCD and CMOS camera design
  • Strong knowledge of VHDL, Xilinx ISE and EDK, ModelSim
  • Strong experience with FPGA design flow & System partitioning (Software, Firmware, and Hardware)
  • Strong working knowledge of digital circuit design and firmware development/debug
  • Knowledge of machine vision interfaces, GigE Vision, Camera Link HS, CoaXpress, USB3
  • Knowledge of Video signal processing is a plus
  • Knowledge of NTSC, PAL, or HDTV standards
  • Knowledge of Progressive scan/non-standard video design 
Candidate Qualifications & Competencies:
  • BSEE or MSEE (preferred) 
  • 10+ years experience in FPGA or system design for CCD/CMOS cameras or related products.
  • Must demonstrate high motivation as FPGA Engineer 
  • Efficient in board-level hardware schematic design, debugging and validation
  • Hands-on, action-oriented, with good analytical and experimental work habits
  • Demonstrable effective interaction with other team members in the development of specifications and project plans
  • Competence in producing clearly written technical and non-technical product documentation, document designs and reports in a clear and concise manner
  • Ability to manage multiple simultaneous projects and assignments
  • Competence with strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills to work effectively as a team player
  • Able to learn quickly new concepts and tasks. 
  • Able to use PC, digital and analog oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, curve tracers, and other debug tools to debug and verify camera design.
  • Knowledge of microprocessor based system 
DOE (Depending On Experience), competitive
Plus Corporate Basic Benefits
Submitting Your Candidacy:
  • Please submit your resume in word file (.doc) to: 
  • Please put the following into your subject line: Full Name + Position Code: JNTC-VV-120313d - FPGA Engineer
  • All qualifying candidates will be interviewed by telephone for screening purposes. Succeeding steps will follow to those who will become strong candidate for this position. 
  • When your qualification will not match to all of the requirements of this position, your Resume will be put in our active database for future consideration of any employment opportunity. Thank you.

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